About SOTS

Owner, Liz Rowley

Star of the Sea is a lifelong dream finally come to reality in May of 2021. I have been dreaming of owning and running my own boutique for my whole life. Finally, in the midst of a global pandemic, inspiration struck and Star of the Sea was born. I thought to myself, "If not now, then when?" 

I could not be more thankful to everyone who has shopped, supported, and shared SOTS thus far. A little back story and the inspiration behind Star of the Sea....

I have been making jewelry for myself and my friends since my preschool days and have always had an obsession with jewelry. My love for jewelry definitely came from my grandmother. She was an extremely strong-willed and passionate Irish Catholic woman. I will always remember her with stacks of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and the biggest most over the top earrings you've ever seen. When looking for inspiration for my store I knew I wanted to incorporate her memory in some way. We shared the same middle name, Maureen. I had never thought much of the meaning of the name until I was googling around trying to come up with a name for my store. For some reason I googled "the meaning of the name Maureen" and I discovered the Gaelic meaning of Maureen is "star of the sea". I thought, what a more perfect name than naming my passion project after the woman who's name I share and who gave me my love for jewelry. 

I strive for SOTS to bring you affordable, on trend, and unique finds that you can't find on every other boutique website and Amazon. In my opinion jewelry should be a fun, creative way to spice up any outfit. And I hope you can find something special within the pages of Star of the Sea. :)